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3 min readJul 9, 2022

Everyone needs to use the bathroom, it’s a fact of life. So how and where do you use the toilets on Kilimanjaro? Well, this is an awkward conversation, but one that is necessary to be prepared for Kilimanjaro.

Private Toilet Tent

For example, we have had a client go back down off the mountain on the second day because she didn’t know that she had to go number two using a portable toilet, in a composting toilet, or by squatting behind a bush. So yes, awkward as it is, we do want you to know how to poop on Kilimanjaro.

Option One

The first option and the one we recommend is renting one of our private toilet tents. The tent is good for up to four people. If there are more people in the group that also want a toilet then a second private toilet tent would need to be rented.

We rent them here: https://kilimanjarosunrise.com/rental-gear/

You’ll pay for them with cash at the trip briefing. Please bring 2009 or newer US Dollars. They have to be damage-free — no writing or tears. They will not be accepted.

This is the most sanitary way to go number two on Kilimanjaro. There is a porter that sets up, takes down, cleans, and carries the private toilet tents.

See our private toilet tent video below.


Permanent Composting Toilets

The second option and less ideal way to go number two is to use the permanent composting toilets. They are relatively new, just a few years old. However, they are still not sanitary and tend to be messy. There is just a hole cut in the floor for you to do your business.


Long Drop Toilets

The third way to go is to use the “Long Drop” toilets. They are mainly used by the porters now, but they are an option if close. The toilet is a mobile shack that is moved over a hole dug in the mountain. Once that hole is full, it gets buried and the toilet is moved to a new hole.


Finally, another alternative is to go while you are hiking. You’ll have a guide or assistant guide wait for you as you run behind a rock or bush and do your business. This is not the best way to go to the bathroom on Kilimanjaro, but sometimes it is urgent and can’t be held until the next camp.

We hope this information helps you better understand the toilets on Kilimanjaro. We also recommend bringing wipes to clean up once you are at camp. After all, there are no showers on the mountain and 8 days is a long time to go without one.

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